tasty bites! tasty bites!

When (it seems) there is no food in the house, and we have nothing planned for dinner, we tend to get really creative with our meals. Frozen...

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Ah fear, my old friend. Ah fear, my old friend.

"I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life -  and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I  wanted to do.&quo...

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Our newest addition is... Our newest addition is...

   ... this 2006 Hyundai Elantra. We have nicknamed her Ellie for short. And we might just be considering naming our first daughter after ou...

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Drawer liners Drawer liners

Two of my D.I. finds have finally met! They literally had a connection... as in some serious mod podge was in action. I took this  (scented ...

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Say love with tiffin! Say love with tiffin!

When I was a camp counselor we used to gather outside to eat our lunch. The kids would each bring their paper sacks filled with what was mos...

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St. Pat's St. Pat's

I am such a sucker for holidays - even St. Patrick's day. It was the first holiday Ryan and I celebrated together after becoming a Mr. &...

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5 years saw us... 5 years saw us...

Tromping through snow over 8 feet deep. Picnicking in the frozen mountains. Boiling our bodies in a 110 degree hot spring. Feasting on an it...

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Freshening up (the office) Freshening up (the office)

Our closet needed a little  lot of work.  Our office, much like harry potter , has long been confined to a cupboard under the stairs. And si...

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Anniversaries are so lovely! Especially when they include snowshoeing, winter picnics, and long soaks in a piping hot natural spring.

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5 years merried! 5 years merried!

5 years ago today, at this exact time & in this very special place , surrounded by our very closest friends and family, Ryan became my h...

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write it down so I don't forget. write it down so I don't forget.

Image found here . And now I am dreaming of sitting in the shade of a large tree. the grass tickling my legs, and nowhere else to be. With e...

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A wee gift from the gods. A wee gift from the gods.

And from my husband. Sometimes he finds little treasures along his path, and he always knows just what I would appreciate. For instance, he ...

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A couple things I am loving A couple things I am loving

this skirt. It couldn't be more perfect. And it has pockets! And because clearly I am obsessed with good  unique use of closet space, ...

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Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

not only do I love this thought, but I completely love  this  print. (I'm sad to say it's sold out.) It's just the sort of thing...

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