It was this guys birthday last week.
And we celebrated in style!
In murder mystery style.
Location: A train car heading to Paris.
Setup: A murder of course!
Suspects: Every one of us.
(spoiler alert: I was the real killer. Aha!)

The guys and gals in full costume.
Ryan was a 1940's pilot and I was a princess, NOT a beauty queen.
And I really couldn't stop saying "there's been a murda'!" all night long.
With a southern accent of course.

 Very fine food indeed - I do declare - both fancy and delicious!
The menu: Cocktail hour of fruit, cheese & crackers followed by salads & entrees of chicken, smashed potatoes, and asparagus with hollandaise sauce, followed by a three course dessert of hot chocolate, cookies, chocolates - and the creme de la creme - creme brulee!!

A night of murder, mystery & intrigue.
First-class entertainment at its finest!