Or so my husband keeps exclaiming to all who ask. 
(Clearly this deer had fatal intentions.)
This picture is kinda' gory, so consider yourselves warned!!

. . .

So, here's the story...

Because we tend to leave on the early side when traveling the long drive to/from canada,
my sister and I opted to stay up all night long the night before our departure.
You know, so as to sleep better on the 9 hour drive home while Ryan {who rested soundly the night before} manned the wheel.
We left at 4:55, right on schedule! {our goal was to leave by 5 am.}
Sadly, we did not get far -and none of us got even a wink of sleep- before a gasp, slam of brakes, and large animal slamming across our hood startled us out of any sort of relaxation.

When we got out to assess the damage {after pulling over of course} my first thought immediately went to the poor deer that had just limped off into the darkness.
Because 5:00 am is basically late at night,
there was no light by which to see how well our car had survived the wreck.
A flashlight later revealed that there was a rib attached to our car,
and attached to that rib was what appeared to be a small (and very raw) steak.
Poor thing, we had ripped out a large portion of it's torso.
As was evidenced by the residue of it's stomach across our car (see the greenish-brown stuff.)
I prayed he/she would go quickly and painlessly.

Needless to say it was a looong day for us all after that. 
Hours of phone calls, waiting, driving to and picking up rental cars (thanks Tim!) made for quite the exhausting trek. And because we had my sister with us and were driving her back to provo, there was also six more hours of driving early this morning.

All in all, quite the adventure!
Not a trip we will soon forget I must say.
And we have not yet determined wether or not our reliable old car will live through this.
Only time will tell I suppose.
And although it would be a sad thing to say goodbye to our trusty corolla {my, how she has been good to us!} we also guiltily acknowledge that we are kinda' excited by the possibility of getting a replacement for her. She was no spring chicken after all.
We don't know wether to cross our fingers that she makes it or that she is a gonner.
So we will leave it in the hands of fate!