Good morning orange! Good morning orange!

Ryan's grandparents stopped by for a quick visit on their way home from Arizona this weekend. -it is so exciting for us when family vi...

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Wedding details I am loving! Wedding details I am loving!

  LOVE - LOVE - LOVE -the grooms tie {slender & grey} -the brides boots  {couldn't be more darling or more practical. let's ...

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They tied the knot. They tied the knot.

It's official,  they are now known as Mr. & Mrs. Remington! Details coming soon.

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It wasn't murder it was suicide! It wasn't murder it was suicide!

Or so my husband keeps exclaiming to all who ask.  (Clearly this deer had fatal intentions.) This picture is kinda' gory, so consider ...

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Lovebirds have flown the coop! Lovebirds have flown the coop!

These two are long gone.  Sunning on the sandy beaches of Mexico. I still can't believe how well everything went {minus the canadian tem...

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My brother is hitched! My brother is hitched!

First brother {very successfully} down. Only three more to go!!

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There's been a Murder! There's been a Murder!

It was this guys birthday last week. And we celebrated in style! In murder mystery style. Location: A train car heading to Paris. Setup: A m...

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Valentines Day 2011 Valentines Day 2011

So, besides this , Valentines day also brought with it some sweets, some hearts, and of course some flowers! Ryan is still resisting, but th...

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That's Amore! That's Amore!

Lady & the Tram p clearly proves that n othing quite says love like dining over a plate of shared spaghetti and meatballs. And so Ryan c...

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Happy super-bowl sunday! Happy super-bowl sunday!

This coming from the polar opposite of a football fan. But every so often I like to surprise my husband and turn completely pro-football for...

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The fruits of his labor The fruits of his labor

Today I am fully enjoying the fruits of our  hubbies' labors. When a  while back  we received bushels full of apples, peaches, and pears...

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Girls Night (x2) Girls Night (x2)

These lovely ladies came to stay this past weekend. Us girls monopolized the house while Ryan did guy stuff (think working on cars and hocke...

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