The small house movement is something I can really get behind.
I love any emphasis on quality over quantity - especially when it comes to good design. 
Plus I think small spaces really work your creativity muscles. 
Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention.
I am inclined to agree.
I am also inclined to favor the sort of abode that requires a little figuring out to make it work.
We have definitely had to push the bounds of functionality in our current residence.
It keeps things exciting and makes life a tad more interesting.

So right now I am wrestling with the notion of buying a wee little domicile.
Something like a garage or a shed on a really great plot of land.
You know, something we can make all our own.
Every teeny-tiny square inch.
And in this struggle (don't tell Ryan) I think my impulse is winning.
My hubs, you see, is not as keen on the 500 square foot requirement of such digs.
But I would happily reside in any one of these structures:
(click on photo to see more pics)