The night he asked. The night he asked.

It was five years ago today. We sat side by side on the porch swing in front of my little red brick ...

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Brown paper packages tied up with string. Brown paper packages tied up with string.

This years packaged goods for neighbors and friends were especially fun to put together. What could ...

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Temple Square Christmas lights Temple Square Christmas lights

I'm listening to Christmas carols as I type.  And thanking my lucky stars that I'm typing fo...

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Our friends are back. Our friends are back.

Just right-right outside our back door. And they seemed to love eating those mandarin oranges we thr...

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Bridal Shower - continued Bridal Shower - continued

A mid-morning brunch. Could anything be more perfect for celebrating the upcoming arrival of a littl...

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November baby shower November baby shower

Despite all the busyness of end-of-semester finals, we somehow pulled off a baby shower a couple wee...

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Writers Cramp. Writers Cramp.

I've got it, but it's in my brain. All 80 pages of my final writing assignments just happen ...

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