first snow first snow

Our first snowfall fell this week. And tonight I am loving just how very sweet our furniture looks out there - tucked right into a thick bla...

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my sister is published! my sister is published!

My sister had an article published in the Calgary Herald! Isn't that so exciting? Something about seeing your words, your picture, your...

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A day of thanks. A day of thanks.

It's seems strangely natural for me to be pessimistic. I think the fact that I have an eye for detail allows me to see even the tiniest ...

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Chalkboard Chalkboard

Sometimes trying to organize pictures just leads to wasting time browsing them for hours. But then finding gems like these can make it seem ...

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Don't say I didn't warn you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This is my little friend Ty. (we threw his mom a shower before he was born, and you can see him here too.) I love him because he always lo...

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Blog Worthy Blog Worthy

There is a lot going on over here. But most of my bid'ness involves reading, writing, and attending class. And i love that. (i really re...

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penny mae penny mae

we felt very lucky that mind brought along this adorable little girl too. (and not just cause she was simply scrumptious to snuggle.) i alwa...

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girls on the town! girls on the town!

last weekend my dear friend mindy came to visit. It was an entire weekend of girly fun. all sorts of funny instances and subsequent laughing...

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the best of autumn the best of autumn

bonfires. crunchy leaves. candles. hay bales. cool crisp air. pumpkins. hot chocolate. long talks. late nights. great friends. our new favor...

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halloweenish halloweenish

How to describe our halloween this year... nonexistent? almost, but not quite. pretty dang close though. i, of course, love absolutely any r...

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