october berries october berries

it feels like fall. smells like fall. looks like fall. and even tastes like fall. and then we find t...

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define jack-o-lantern. define jack-o-lantern.

last year we had a halloween clue party . (my favorite halloween theme ever.) and this was our brill...

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surioara (little sister) surioara (little sister)

meet my youngest sister, katelyn. can you believe i changed this girls diapers? and gave her bottles? and even helped pick out her adorable ...

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the color of autumn the color of autumn

ever since school began i have been struggling to find that intimate one-on-one time with my camera....

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a case for stepping out on a limb. a case for stepping out on a limb.

Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping...

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I've been featured! I've been featured!

my little desk project has been featured! (if that's not an ego boost i don't know what is.)...

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october is for thanksgiving. october is for thanksgiving.

last monday was canadian thanksgiving. and as per usual we ryan prepared cornish hens for the celeb...

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no words - haunted corn maze via iphone no words - haunted corn maze via iphone
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project breakdown: secretary desk project breakdown: secretary desk

i finally dragged my camera all the way upstairs (what was i making all the fuss about anyway?) and ...

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isn't she a beaut? isn't she a beaut?

you can't tell from these pictures but this little thing has a really very sweet silhouette. and...

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wednesday night date night wednesday night date night

our date nights are always on friday. but sometimes midweek comes and we  feel like it should be fr...

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pizza overload pizza overload

usually i hugely buy into the philosophy that less is more. i adore simplicity and am a total minima...

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tradition! tradition! tradition! tradition!

i love traditions. i love the sense of nostalgia that accompanies them. the way traditions make you ...

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