backyard guest backyard guest

i love when deer romp around right outside our back door. this picture was actually taken from insid...

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easiest (& cheapest) place cards ever! easiest (& cheapest) place cards ever!

you asked for it! yep, due to popular demand here is the first of a couple quick & easy how-to&#...

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i guess i'm spunctiony i guess i'm spunctiony

tonight ryan told me i had spunction. (don't feel bad for not knowing what that means - he made ...

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tomato sauce 101 tomato sauce 101

i turned these tomatoes into this tomato sauce, and then turned this tomato sauce into this baked zi...

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Sunday Fireworks Sunday Fireworks

ryan and i enjoy a good long sunday evening walk. tonight as we left, we also got to enjoy quite a f...

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conference with my lady friends conference with my lady friends

Tonight I was lucky enough to join with the other 20,000 or so women (as well as some very sweet fri...

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a little art for a friday a little art for a friday

kay, so like eons ago a had an afternoon with grandma. yes, this one. my cousin showed us a few wat...

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keen on peaches keen on peaches

at 7:00 tonight guess what i came home to. a husband in the kitchen prepping up some peaches. that&#...

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a dash of chaos to keep us on our toes. a dash of chaos to keep us on our toes.

Yes, there have been times when Ryan & I hold  FHE  at 11:00 at night. Times when we have not be...

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autumn is in the air. autumn is in the air.

(our front yard as seen in autumn 2009) today showed the very first signs of autumn. the canopy of ...

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and i too will survive. and i too will survive.

i have not met her. but i kind of feel like i have. because as i watch this video i feel a keen sense of... what's the word? kinship!? p...

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book stack book stack

i've always dreamed of having a really expansive library. with walls lined with bookshelves, and...

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a windfall indeed. a windfall indeed.

it's like christmas morning over here! a friend of my husbands just happens to work at his famil...

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a sorbet sky a sorbet sky

this was the soft dusky sunset that closed my 29th birthday. (isn't it so beautiful that you jus...

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back to school. back to school.

i have returned to school. this time as a graduate student. and i'd like it documented that i love it. that i can't wait to go to cl...

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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver i...

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weekend highlights weekend highlights

it was the very best kind of weekend - equally productive & fun! we went school shopping (my fa...

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my cousin is now a mrs. my cousin is now a mrs.

(sadly, i did not bring my dslr so all photos were pointed & shot!) my cousin got married! she l...

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the gift of music the gift of music

(photo taken by my talented cousin brooklyn) five birthday songs is enough to make any girl feel spe...

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the last of my 20's! the last of my 20's!

not so long ago i celebrated a birthday. it feels like an awfully big deal to mark the last year i w...

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