last missionary brother. last missionary brother.

there is something truly remarkable about seeing one of your siblings off at the  mtc . saying goodbye to them for the next two years. feel...

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so much to blog about,  so little time...

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wouldn't it be lovely wouldn't it be lovely

{i know this picture is way too overexposed. but i love it! photography accidents make me happy.} i wish i could escape to here with a soft ...

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to be without... to be without...

i believe this. and it is precisely what i try to remember when i'm shopping and find something i completely love, but also completely d...

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let the birthweek begin! let the birthweek begin!

not my photo. birthdays tend to get drawn out around here. day becomes days. days become week. week becomes weeks. given enough time i may...

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full moon rising full moon rising

this is the moon view we enjoined on our romantic jet ski for two. we just stopped those babies in the middle of the lake, and with the warm...

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a perfectly summery summer day! a perfectly summery summer day!

1. farmers market 2. bear lake 3. pizza & raspberry shakes 4. flower picking

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a friendly weekend a friendly weekend

that's what we had. a very friendly weekend indeed! it included a visit from & picnic with these good friends: {from salt lake city}...

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                         Sometimes i have to remind myself                                             that it won't always hurt like t...

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