miracle of miracles! miracle of miracles!

look! look! look what we did!! we grew a carrot! and it was an incredibly delicious carrot too. {i know, it's small but i couldn't w...

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design humor. design humor.

this  site is funny. it's a glimpse into the lives of catalog dwellers. it's new so there are not a lost of posts yet, but these are...

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a little gift for my future children's dad. a little gift for my future children's dad.

inspired by martha stewart here , {it was such a cute & simple idea.} i tried my hand at handwritten packaging for some of ry's fav...

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fathers day fathers day

{cute grandpa holding up the fathers day card we made him.} because our families both live so very far away, we usually don't get the ch...

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photography 101 photography 101

for me thursday nights mean photography class. homework can be a little tricky cause it's hard to find a willing subject. {this is where...

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weekend with grandma weekend with grandma

My maternal grandma, who also happens to have Alzheimer's, spent the last few days with us. She left behind a few kleenexes, (in both ou...

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our monday nights look a lot like this: our monday nights look a lot like this:

we have begun a weekly ritual. it includes bon fires & dinners with these guys. this also ensures that we are on top of weekly family ho...

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"you find something you love, and you twist it and torture it and try to make money at it. and at the end, you can't find a trace o...

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penelope mae penelope mae

i'm no photographer {yet} but when some of our favorite people became parents this last weekend it gave me the perfect excuse to practic...

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