some people are just so good at presenting themselves. it can be a little depressing. their lives lo...

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picnics on the brain picnics on the brain

{not my picture. found here .} sundays always look the same around here. church. meetings. nap. roas...

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sometimes i complain about our small kitchen. and then i see something like this , and feel very ungrateful. because, after all, i have neve...

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wait, i'm lost! wait, i'm lost!

yup, that's what we've been repeatedly saying throughout this last season of lost. there hav...

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hello picnic season! hello picnic season!

start your grills and break out the bocce ball, picnic season has officially begun! and monday marke...

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while i was sleeping... while i was sleeping...

ryan was out taking our new dslr for a test run. and i could smell the scent of these blossoms waft...

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happy little day happy little day

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham Lincoln today ...

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yes, the third {and final} installment!! yes, the third {and final} installment!!

this was on the boat out to alcatraz! and it illustrates the really funny part about vacationing wit...

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to his mom: to his mom:

mom, i'm glad that you... let us play nintendo in our underwear on saturday mornings. and that y...

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to her mom: to her mom:

mom, i'm glad that you... let me sit in your bathroom & watch you do your makeup as a girl. ...

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pavlova's dogs pavlova's dogs

sunday marked our first attempt at & taste of pavlova. it's a new zealand dessert that actua...

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the second installment in a series on san francisco. the second installment in a series on san francisco.

this was one of the absolute best parts of our trip to san francisco! waking up to this amazing corn...

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