remote blogging remote blogging

i am blogging from oklahoma! {crazy right?} and am learning to blog in an entirely new way. i am using what is essentially a remote control....

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project approaching. project approaching.

this is the area of our house that is really driving me nuts. it's my vanity area in our bedroom...

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"If you're going to San Francisco. . ." "If you're going to San Francisco. . ."

That's the song that seems to be on repeat in my head these days. And that might just be because we are. Or we did. Well we are there. (...

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oh baby! oh baby!

mindy & i hosted a sports themed baby shower last saturday, for this guest of honor who is expe...

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mortar & pestle mortar & pestle

it may not sound very romantic, but i couldn't have asked for a lovelier anniversary gift. isn&#...

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husband, husband,

can you believe how quickly time goes by when we are together? 03.09.06 and that it has already been...

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doors to eat off of. doors to eat off of.

we really hate to see anything go to waste. so when a couple of old doors were getting the boot at r...

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Life Imitating Art. Life Imitating Art.

My tenth grade art teacher {Mr. Morgan} used to say that artists should never draw with erasers. In fact, they were banned from our desktops...

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spring blossoms are here! spring blossoms are here!

at least in the form of this little cherry tree now hanging on our wall. it's tiding me over unt...

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gender bites gender bites

ryan and i approach our dinner plates very differently. ryan tastes each portion of a meal to determ...

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