let them eat salad. let them eat salad.

sometimes the only thing stopping me from making a salad for dinner is the sheer hassle of washing, drying, and cutting lettuce. i know it&#...

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desktop litter desktop litter

my desktop can all-too-quickly start to look like this: 'cause that's where i temporarily sa...

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my newest crush. my newest crush.

when we transformed our closet into an office, (as documented here ) we opened up a whole new space ...

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a happy day. a happy day.

a valentine that made me smile yesterday. and some flowers that keep making me smile today.

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the best part of every holiday the best part of every holiday

is sugar cookies! (and yes, valentines day is most definitely a holiday.) is there any celebration w...

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bird meets window bird meets window

while i was working on the computer i heard a loud bang. at first i thought someone threw a snowball...

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would you like onions with that? would you like onions with that?

image found here . sometimes i ruin perfectly delicious pineapple by cutting it on the same board an...

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birthday football birthday football

sometimes i feel like i rip ryan off when it comes to guy stuff. 'cause super-bowl-ish things never really cross my mind. my family neve...

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admiring admiring

each and every one of these breathtaking bouquets. i can't wait for tulips to be in season! foun...

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