just jump already! just jump already!

standing on the cusp of big change is like standing on a high ledge. poised to jump, but not quite r...

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attempting to fail attempting to fail

there are some things i'd like to do that i do not attempt. things i've convinced myself i wouldn't be good at. or that i wouldn...

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storing storage storing storage

we've found a home for our new food storage. in that awkward cupboard above the fridge. and i kn...

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my new favorite thing. my new favorite thing.

it's called a tastebook. (clever right?) and this little gem had been on the top of my wish list...

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something to be happy about something to be happy about

my lovely friend heather made a happy list. {just reading it made me feel happy.} she also tagged me to do the same. i have taken nearly a ...

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and we celebrated. and we celebrated.

christmas that is. you probably thought we skipped it this year. we did not. but i would feel ungrat...

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