Sometimes trying to organize pictures just leads to wasting time browsing them for hours.
But then finding gems like these can make it seem like no biggie.
I don't know exactly why we have so many pictures of our chalkboard creations.
Maybe we thought they were funny. Or sweet. Or just had to snap one before we could erase it and start over.
Whatever the reason I'm glad we've got so many of 'em.
Here are a few of my favs that made me smile while perusing pics tonight.

a wee poem. most likely written with a bowl of rice pudding in my hand. i'm assuming.

exactly how many times ryan thought of me while i was away in canada without him.
yep, he kept count.

this is a note from that one time ryan turned 28.

a chalky depiction of the little brick house i lived in while we were dating.
we would sit and talk in that porch swing for hours.
incidentally we also lived there together right after we were married.

 and a sweet note from ryans parents on our day of graduation.
they came all the way out here to celebrate with us.