by far the best use of our plethora of tomatoes has been bruschetta.
i'm a bruschetta fanatic. i love it and crave it! all the time.
and making it ourselves is a bad idea.
cause (like last week) we can end up eating it for dinner, and then breakfast, and then lunch.
mmmm, tomatoey garlicky goodness.
and this batch also had a reduction of balsamic vinegar in it.
how could that be a bad thing? it could not i tell you, it could not!
i'm hoping we can get a couple more batches out of our plants before it starts to get cold.
cause i have to say, just the thought of this heaven on bread eases some of the stress of even the most exhausting and frustrating nights. (tonight might have been one of those.)
yep, i daydream of bruschetta while i sit in night class.
don't judge!