Here we are at the football game.
Watching the Aggies play the Cougars.
And miracle of miracles, we are winning!!
That's right, our sad little team, that ranked something like 127th out of 130 last year,
is finally looking at a win!
And a win like this is unprecedented.
At least since 1993, which is the last year that they beat BYU.
This according to the camera guy who's set up next to us.
It is a packed, and consequently a loud, stadium.
Which makes for an exciting game. (who knew right?)
so much so that it's half time and I have not even cracked my book open yet.
I'm so glad we came tonight!
And not just because I am capturing tons of wonderfully preppy pictures using ryan's iPhone.

can you tell that it is a tad tricky trying to capture yourselves using the iphone camera?

**post-edit: we won! we won!