ryan's a much better sport than i am!
he started his birthday with a 7:30 am class.
then was off teaching third graders at a local elementary school.
after a quick lunch he spent some time studying,
before rushing off to take his test this afternoon.
he completed his lab at 5:30 and arriving home close to six.
unfortunately he brought some sort of a bug home with him!
so naturally we threw our evening plans out the window.
he rested on the sofa and i braved the rain for a sick run to the nearest grocery store.
i got the essentials: apple juice, medicine, gatorade.
because he had the chills he spent the night huddled under a blanket.
and all this without a word of complaint.
he's a total trooper!

but we tried to inject birthday fun where and when we could.
we still had the traditional breakfast in bed:
 mangos, strawberries and kiwi with lime yogurt.
melty ham & cheese croissants for two.
(don't mind that stack of towels in the background.)

and a special birthday lunch with all ry's favorites.
bratwurst on toasty buns with sauerkraut.
cucumbers & crunchy green grapes.
o.j./lemonade concoction.

we still had presents, and candles and even a wee bit of cake.
a mini german chocolate layered cake.
not the prettiest cake on the block (kay seriously it's a complete mess) but oh-so-very tasty!

and singing of course.
i think his favorite part of the day however were the skype calls from his parents & grandparents.
(isn't technology such a miracle?)

and not to worry, birthday plans are merely postponed.
we hope to go out on the town tomorrow!