this was my lovey on his 24th birthday!
it was his first birthday that we celebrated together.
i surprised him with his favorite dinner of pizza, martinellis, and birthday cake.
we dined on the rooftop of the old lds business college.
he wore a tux. i wore a dress.
and get this - he brought ME flowers!
on HIS birthday!
(now that's a catch, if i do say so myself)
i brought music and we danced.
and talked, as only those newly in love can.

and now, 5 years later, we're married!
and we're getting ready to celebrate the beginning of his 29th year.
we're still working students, and still in love.
 but now we live in logan, not salt lake.
and i cant wait to spoil my hubby all day long tomorrow, in true birthday fashion!
sure love ya' birthday boy!