i turned these tomatoes into this tomato sauce, and then turned this tomato sauce into this baked ziti!!
homemade tomato sauce is beyond belief!
and i just never realized how incredibly healthy it is.
i made mine with celery, onions, mushrooms, and tons of tomatoes.
and it made all the difference for a really tasty ziti.
(that and mozzarella that is both shredded and cubed, in equal parts.)
i just thought my first attempt at something so intimidating should be documented.
and now it is.

don't forget to:
cut a cross in the tomatoes before blanching.
(this makes them super easy to peel)
leave out 1 cup of the mixture before blending, and then add it to the sauce afterwards.
(this makes it nice and chunky)
add a little bit of sugar to taste.
(to cut through the acidity)