you asked for it!
yep, due to popular demand here is the first of a couple quick & easy how-to's
from our most recent celebration.

these place cards (or rocks) are the easiest ever.
and you can't find anything cheaper!
basically you wander around out doors and collect all the pretty stones you find along the way.
if you are lucky (like me) you'll find a huge pile of rocks behind you house.
or by the bus stop.
if that is the case, go there first!
this will absolutely be your best resource.
collect as many as necessary.
then don't stop there, keep collecting.
i really liked having way more than necessary, then i could pick and choose the prettiest ones.

then you line these rocks up, like so!
and you write down the list of guests (making sure to spell names right. this is very important.)
i wrote all mine out previously just to be sure.
and then you get those little mini alphabet stamps sitting upstairs in your top drawer,
that have anxiously been awaiting an occasion such as this.
what? this isn't the case for you? then you can buy some. they're pretty cheap.
i think i payed 7 buckaroos for mine.
apply desired ink color, and stamp away.
i think just doing all initials (like those two little guys we did for the kidlets)
would be equally -perhaps more- adorable.

oh, but first wash your little pebbles.
i should have mentioned that.
because after all they will be in contact with things that will be in contact with food.
and give them ample time to dry, otherwise your ink will bleed.
and presto! they'll be table ready in no time.

don't they look pretty?
i really love 'em!
they dress up the table so nicely.

and now that they've served their purpose on the dinner table,
they have been repurposed as paperweight decor in our study.
where we are continuing our love affair.
(and speaking of, that study has also undergone some minor changes.)

**post edit - did you happen to see modern family last night?
they have a throw pillow on their sofa with the exact fabric i used here.
pretty awesome right?
it's the little things you know.