there is something truly remarkable about seeing one of your siblings off at the mtc.
saying goodbye to them for the next two years.
feeling glad knowing that they are embarking on some of the absolute best years of their lives.
feeling sad knowing you are staying behind and will be missing them like crazy.
i was extra glad to be there as my youngest brother left this last wednesday.
he will be serving in the las vegas nevada mission.
the same area in which my husband served not so many years ago.
and now we will call him elder remington.
i feel happy and proud!

because the actual drop off is so quick we were worried that there would be no time for photos,
so beforehand we went to the provo temple to snap some quick shots.
{i think this may have been elder jonny's least favorite part of the day.}
but how handsome does he look?

last pics with the fam.

i love both these photos!
above: katelyn looking adoringly at jon,
below: dad & jon struggling to keep a straight face.

and then finally time for cafe rio.
this is the traditional last supper in our family.

look how happy it makes this guy!

it was especially fun to have our salt lake cousins join in the fun.

the mtc for the final departure.
it was short and sweet and sad all at once.

a bit of a teary farewell.

and just like that, he is off.
can you spot him? look close.

and just a couple of my favorite out-takes...

just look at the expression on dad's face!

love you elder!