look! look! look what we did!!
we grew a carrot!
and it was an incredibly delicious carrot too.
{i know, it's small but i couldn't wait a minute longer, i just had to pull one up to see how they were progressing!}
and that's not all, our entire garden is actually growing.
and it's nothing short of miraculous!!
{did i mention that we kill nearly every living thing we've ever owned.}
and now we have a whole garden of tiny wonders in our front garden patch.
it makes me giddy just looking at it.
and just thinking about it.
if gardens can bring this much joy i can only imagine what kids can do.
and pets for that matter.
i feel all sorts of proud mama-ish.
so forgive me if i gush!

peas                                                zucchini 

carrots, tomatoes, strawberries & beans

ryan waters it faithfully every day.
and i do the weeding.
and we simply could not be prouder!
{in a very humble way of course.}