some people are just so good at presenting themselves. it can be a little depressing. their lives look so tidy. so put together. so perfect....

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picnics on the brain picnics on the brain

{not my picture. found here .} sundays always look the same around here. church. meetings. nap. roast. walk. they're pretty good days. a...

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sometimes i complain about our small kitchen. and then i see something like this , and feel very ungrateful. because, after all, i have neve...

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wait, i'm lost! wait, i'm lost!

yup, that's what we've been repeatedly saying throughout this last season of lost. there have been too many long shots and not enoug...

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hello picnic season! hello picnic season!

start your grills and break out the bocce ball, picnic season has officially begun! and monday marked our first (of what we hope will be man...

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while i was sleeping... while i was sleeping...

ryan was out taking our new dslr for a test run. and i could smell the scent of these blossoms wafting in through our screen door. making m...

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happy little day happy little day

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham Lincoln today i resolve to be completely, and yes, eve...

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yes, the third {and final} installment!! yes, the third {and final} installment!!

this was on the boat out to alcatraz! and it illustrates the really funny part about vacationing with just two, you end up with a lot of the...

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to his mom: to his mom:

mom, i'm glad that you... let us play nintendo in our underwear on saturday mornings. and that you built snow men & forts with us ev...

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to her mom: to her mom:

mom, i'm glad that you... let me sit in your bathroom & watch you do your makeup as a girl. that you helped us pull practical jokes ...

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pavlova's dogs pavlova's dogs

sunday marked our first attempt at & taste of pavlova. it's a new zealand dessert that actually got me through my persuasion class. ...

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the second installment in a series on san francisco. the second installment in a series on san francisco.

this was one of the absolute best parts of our trip to san francisco! waking up to this amazing corner room view every single morning. BLISS...

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