it's hard for me to pinpoint what exactly was so fantastic
about our most recent visit to san francisco.
i only know that i loved it.
perhaps it was a mixture of it being our first vacation together since our honeymoon.
{which was ages ago! over 4 years to be exact.}
and that it was just the two of us.
{it felt more like a marvelous shared adventure than a vacation}
and that we traveled by train.
{which is, in my opinion, the most romantic & sentimental travel option}
and that absolutely everything just seemed to go our way.
anyways, without knowing the exact reasons why, this was definitely my favorite trip.
i find myself reliving it over and over by perusing our photographs.
i fell in love with san francisco!
and even more in love with husband!
and so i chronicle our most recent railroad exploration.
and the vast array of lovely views that made us ooh & aah along the way.
{more san fran pictures can be found here.}

we splurged on a private sleeper car.
and were a little shocked to find in it's place a bed sized closet.
but despite the cramped quarters {understatement} we had the best nights sleep.
something about the slow rocking of the train i guess.
and the next day we enjoyed hours of exploration on the train.
from the deluxe sleeper cars {we're splurging on those next trip} to the dining cars.
we even watched the st. patrick episode of the office in the observations deck.
along with some of the most exquisite views of the west.
fresh flowers and adorable menus happily greeted us at our table.
everything was charming!!

how cute does ryan look holding his breath going through a tunnel?

isn't this the cutest little train station?

and finally, the bay bridge!!
this signifies our long awaited arrival in san francisco.
and the start of a most wonderful holiday.