i am blogging from oklahoma!
{crazy right?}
and am learning to blog in an entirely new way.
i am using what is essentially a remote control.
{have you even heard of such a thing?}
basically i can see, control, and use everything on my mac at home from this here pc.
{because said pc is highly temperamental & refuses me direct login capabilities.}
and i am amazed!
{not at myself, just at husband. and also at technology.}
perhaps this is just old hat to you.
{show off!}
but i think it's next to magical.
{or miraculous, i can't decide which.}
did i foget to mention what i am doing here?
{sometimes i do forget to mention things.}
i am tending 4 of my cousins.
{and falling more in love with them every day.}
and awaiting the arrival of cousin #5 all the way from china!
fun, busy & entertaining are all adjectives i would use to describe the last 4 days.

and when i find myself with a pocket of time,
{like the couple hours i have right now.}
i literally don't know which task to focus on first.
the following are all on my list {in no particular order}

1. read scriptures
2. plan menu for this week
3. finish breakfast dishes
4. take nap
5. tidy my bedroom
6. grab quick shower
7. write in journal
8. get groceries

and usually when i am faced with this kind of scenario,
{lots to do but not enough time to do it all.}
i end up doing something else entirely.
say like writing and {remote} posting a lengthy blog post.
i believe this to be my biggest time management flaw.
ah well, i won't think about that today, i'll think about that tomorrow.
{hey, if it worked for ms. o'hara. . .}