mindy & i hosted a sports themed baby shower last saturday,
for this guest of honor who is expecting a little boy at the end of this month.
{aren't boy things and boy colors are simply adorable?}
oh the fun we had planning!
and, believe it or not, we actually fit everyone into our wee little townhouse.
and enjoyed a whole slew of game day food.
which is always more delicious than i think it will be.
congrats to you tiff, {and jason} we couldn't be more excited for you both!
or more positive that you will make the absolute best parents.

{can you believe the cake? it was designed & crafted by this talented gal.}

. . .
thanks for coming everybody!

i was reminded why i love showers.
and getting together for girl time.
there definitely are not enough excuses to do this.

it also reminded me how very much i miss my sisters,
and how i wish each & every one of them lived even a little bit closer.