when we transformed our closet into an office,
(as documented here)
we opened up a whole new space to fill in our spare room.

here is the latest addition to our newly created guest room.
she cost us no more than 20 dollars.
and an afternoon of painting.
and a little accident that included white paint and brown carpet.
but we {i} think she was worth it.
because i like the way she fills a really awkward little nook up there.
and how crisp the white looks against our even whiter wall.
almost makes me glad we can't paint.
and the many little drawers that are still completely empty.
there is something comforting about empty space just waiting to be filled.

i think all she needs to make her complete are 9 {of one of these} pretty knobs.

don't you think they suit each other?
and i like to imagine it will someday be a charming addition to a little girls room.
(NOTE: someday! this is not any sort of announcement.)
there's just something about this piece.
i can't stop looking at her.

**side-note: i originally planned on fixing & selling this.
but i fell in love, and couldn't part with her.