sometimes the only thing stopping me from making a salad for dinner
is the sheer hassle of washing, drying, and cutting lettuce.
i know it's a poor excuse.
i know it's not that big a deal.
but i really really hate dislike reliving that experience every night.
{my cousins son oliver is learning not to say the word hate.
being around him makes me realize how much i say it 'cause he's always correcting me.}
it's because of this that i am a big fan of pre-packaged salads.
but they're so awfully expensive.
and so for the last couple weeks i have been washing, drying, and chopping all of our lettuce & spinach varieties at once.
then i divide them into 7 ziplock freezer bags.
and presto! a quick salad for every night of the week.
and somehow i really don't mind the task now that it is only once a week.
and then we change it up with whatever veggies we have on hand/leftover every night.

some things we've learned:
better to tear or cut the lettuce with a plastic knife.
{metal knives make the lettuce turn a rust color over time.}
it's also a good idea to throw a paper towel in there with the lettuce to absorb any extra moisture.

and now that it's quick, easy & cheap our salad consumption is up. hoorah!