Hela, heba helloa! Hela, heba helloa!

here she comes, just around the corner. a shiny new year full of possibility! a new beginning. a fresh start. could anything be more wonderf...

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can christmas be anything but happy & peaceful? can christmas be anything but happy & peaceful?

there's something about christmas. something about being home this time of year. something about the lights, and the noise and the peopl...

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christmas postcards christmas postcards

i'm a big fan of post cards. during my lds mission in romania they were the perfect way to combine personalized photos and letters into ...

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at 105 at 105

she's not the kind of lady you can forget. her eyes smile even when she doesn't. they're twinkly eyes. she looks at you like she...

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in the spirit of giving in the spirit of giving

one of my favorite christmas traditions {who am i kidding, i love them all.} is the exchanging of neighborhood gifts worldwide every year. a...

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a weekend of gingerbread. a weekend of gingerbread.

we received this adorable invite. from these two. attended, and thoroughly enjoyed these. filled with all sorts of home-grown garden fruits ...

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just a day with grandma and me. just a day with grandma and me.

my grandma turns 77 this week, so on thursday we celebrated. i took her out to lunch at nostalgia cafe , where we ate huge sandwiches & ...

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and we also have a tree. and we also have a tree.

would you like to meet her? ... here she is as seen by day. and as seen by night. she might lean a little to the right. and she might be a c...

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babies. babies.

there are certain times where i find myself dead glad we don't yet have children. mostly it's when we encounter any of the following...

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hanging around hanging around

because we know at least one person {hey mom!} who wants to see our christmas decorations. here are some of our favorite things hanging arou...

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perhaps tomorrow perhaps tomorrow

tonight i was thinking that if i got a terminal illness, i should very much like to spend the rest of my days in a little cottage just outsi...

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dear santa... dear santa...

this is a conversation i had with one of my sisters {who shall remain nameless to protect her identity} about 22 years ago. (sister enters m...

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christmas junior christmas junior

december 6th is like a mini christmas in romania. children put out their polished boots or stockings, and await the arrival of st. nic. trea...

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welcome christmas! come on in. welcome christmas! come on in.

growing up canadian meant thanksgiving was in october. due to colder temperatures our harvest season is much earlier, and so we celebrate on...

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