boy in the kitchen. girl at the camera. boy in the kitchen. girl at the camera.

tonight was ryan's turn at dinner. he made the very same dish that turned my head when we were first dating. this softened {somewhat} th...

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simply yum! simply yum!

so, while in romania i tried a delicious cheesy french toast that i have been craving lately. tonight i decided to try my hand at a re-creat...

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public restrooms public restrooms

image from here . when i walked into a target restroom the other day and was greeted with its' trademark fruity scent and then simultane...

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goodbye shoes. goodbye shoes.

while cleaning out our closet for the new office i realized i had too many shoes for just 2 feet. and because they couldn't all fit int...

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i'm glad today is a saturday. i'm glad today is a saturday.

we thought we would be moving by now. and that ryan would start a high paying career-job. and that we would buy a house. and have kids. but ...

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happy autumn weekend. hope yours is colorful. happy autumn weekend. hope yours is colorful.

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autum...

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secrets to health & happiness secrets to health & happiness

ryan & i have had these secrets printed on card-stock and posted on our bulletin board for the last couple of years. i found them {a lo...

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office under the stairs. office under the stairs.

our new office is now my favorite place in our house! who would have thought that the space under the stairs could be so very useful? {sorry...

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closet blogging. closet blogging.

so, it's official, our computer has found a brand new home . . . in our closet! intrigued? well here's a sneak peek mid-reno. and ...

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as seen through my windshield while driving. as seen through my windshield while driving.

has anyone else seen that movie yes man ? i always kinda' liked the idea of a photography/jogging group. you know, a two in one kind of ...

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camera cord is back. camera cord is back.

and that means so are my photos. yeah! {& thanks mom.} here's just a teaser - more to come. oh yes, and a lovely quote that just per...

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spidey-mania spidey-mania

remember this idea ? to test its' feasibility i began cleaning out the closet today. and found two of the largest black spiders ever. bo...

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my head won't stop throbbing. my nose won't stop running. and my mutinous body is sabotaging every effort for a productive day. need...

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change of address change of address

we're changing our blog address! and it would be so very lovely to have you join us at our new site. don't be shy, email me. {or lea...

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when ryan and i were dating we spent september 11 at a traveling memorial displayed in slc. a large field holding a flag to represent each...

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pink chair pink chair

i found the most delicious pink chair at d.i. for $25. yesterday was spent painting the arms and legs white. but after all that time & e...

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dead battery & closet potential dead battery & closet potential

oh so many pictures to post, and so much fun to share. but, sadly, my camera battery is dead. and i left our charger plugged into the kitche...

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i read this tonight. and consequently will be making some changes. stay tuned!

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road trip road trip

last week we enjoyed some wonderful girls time in calgary. these are some of my favorite pictures from our drive. these were all taken from ...

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words to live by. words to live by.

image found & coveted from here .

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