home sweet home sweet

what do i love about being home? 1. watching late night youtube videos with ten people crowded around one computer. 2. seven vehicles surrou...

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birthday weekend - part 2 birthday weekend - part 2

saturday we woke up at my aunt's and she surprised us both with berry birthday smoothies. and fr...

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things you can buy for a dollar. things you can buy for a dollar.

if your in the right place at the right time. a beautiful old horn. {not yet tested as i can't b...

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birthday weekend - part 1 birthday weekend - part 1

we went to salt lake city to visit some of my absolute favorite places. first, we got some of these ...

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i smell good. i smell good.

cause for my birthday, ryan gave me a lovely bottle of this. and it {and therefore i} smells so ver...

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anne of green gables. anne of green gables.

last year for my birthday i received this gem of a birthday gift from my mom. {special edition dvd s...

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isn't utah strangely beautiful? isn't utah strangely beautiful?

it's still so peculiar to go camping among sagebrush. which is what i believe that shrub up abov...

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camping camping

we went camping with our good friends {tyler & whitney} literally in the middle of nowhere. and ...

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i can't decide if these things are super beautiful or super creepy. maybe a little bit of both!?...

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missing you missing you

when the sun sets . . . we sometimes entertain ourselves with puppet shows. and the like. and so at...

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recent finds recent finds

a small antique store in montana is now short: 1 pink dish - $3 1 square table cloth - $5 1 oval mir...

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i rescued a footstool! i rescued a footstool!

doesn't it look great in our ' yard?' i now love reading here in the evenings even more....

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mom & dad, thanks for getting married. and also, thanks for staying married. for 30 years. that...

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