Tagged by Whitney! 1. Honestly list 10 things about yourself. 2. List 10 friends you want to see do ...

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advice to a young poet advice to a young poet

A poem shared with us on our last day of class, by one of the best teachers I know. Advice to a you...

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then & now then & now

just a few weeks ago the view outside our house looked like this! beautiful but cold. today, at the ...

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sometimes . . . sometimes . . .

sometimes ryan and i make up songs and sing them with impromptu choreography as we make dinner. and sometimes we come up with top-secret han...

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big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!

not coconuts, worms!!! thousands, not hundreds, of worms are currently squirming around outside our ...

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artists (said with french accent) artists (said with french accent)

how would you spend a snowy afternoon at home? we tried our hand at watercolor. tara was the only o...

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canada continued canada continued

naturally while in canada we visited my adorable grandma hartley , who served as apple pie and del...

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