this is a conversation i had with one of my sisters
{who shall remain nameless to protect her identity}
about 22 years ago.

(sister enters my bedroom looking very wise indeed.)
sister: "you know santa clause?"
( i am reading on my bed, temporarily happy to be interrupted by said sister.)
me: "yeah"
sister: "and the tooth fairy, and easter bunny?"
me: "of course!"
sister: "they're not real."
me: "yeah right."
sister: "they're not. mom just told me. but i've kinda' known for a while."
me: "oh! {sad} wait, {hopeful} then how do we get all those presents?"
sister: "it's mom and dad. but she told me not to tell, so don't say anything."
me: "kay." {devastated}

and that is how i found out.

so now that i know the truth...

dear santa parents,
because ryan and i have been trying really hard to be good all year.
and because our bedroom is looking oh-so-blah!
we would love nothing more than to see this under the tree this year:

found here.
no, not the entire bed. just the duvet cover.


found here.
this sea spray blue blanket.
and some fresh white sheets would be nice too.