i'm a big fan of post cards.
during my lds mission in romania they were the perfect way
to combine personalized photos and letters into one neat little package.
and we've discovered this postcard method works equally well for christmas.
i don't think we'll ever go back to regular cards.
and think of all the paper we'll save on thrown out envelopes, right?
(we like to point out unintentional ways we're doing our environmental part.)
happy christmas!
from us.

and since ryan and i rotate christmases between
his family (in wisconsin) and mine (in canada)
we've decided to also rotate our christmas mailing list.
my side of the family didn't see cards this year, 'cause they get us live.
and next year they'll all get a little postal love while we spend the holidays in wisconsin.
brilliant, no?
{i thought i should explain our new system, in case any of our loved ones felt neglected.}