there are certain times where i find myself dead glad we don't yet have children.
mostly it's when we encounter any of the following:
screaming kids at the grocery store.
screaming kids at the library.
screaming kids at the movie theatre.
screaming kids in church.
screaming kids in a public bathroom.
screaming kids in an elevator.
so basically, it's the screaming.
and when i hear it, i feel glad in my heart that that parent isn't me.
and i can walk away and find a quiet place without any remorse.
because there's just something so unappealing about a screaming child.
they're inconsolable, and completely irrational.
and i know that sounds bizarre. {i mean who actually expects babies to be rational.}
but it's so unsettling to experience a crying baby without any ability to make it stop.

but there are also certain times when i long to have children.
'cause let's face it, despite all that screaming they are cute! and really funny!
and there's just something about babies.
they introduce a joy different from other joys.
and the babies you'll see in this video clip are about as cute as they come.
and about as funny as they come.
and watching this video makes me want to reach in and pick up each and every one of these infants and take them home and keep them forever.
{obviously i can't 'cause that would be kidnapping. and impossible.}

but watch this and see if you just don't wish you could!
It's a trailer I saw over at you are my fave.
and i love documentaries.
this one follows 4 babies from the 4 corners of the globe.
rural mongolia; tokyo, japan; san fransisco, usa; and namibia.
it follows them all through their first year of life.
i think it looks both fascinating and adorable.