yesterday we enjoyed thanksgiving in slc with my maternal grandmother,
as well as so many much-loved extended family.
today we celebrate thanksgiving with our brother rick at our own cozy little abode.
tomorrow? who knows.

but there are certain things i most want to remember,
things i am most thankful for in this moment.

1. laughter that lasted all day long yesterday.
2. a guest room that is finally clean {if not yet cute} and finally getting used.
3. a husband who is more adorable than words.
{as my little 2nd cousin ivy also discovered this weekend.}
as we were leaving she lamented to ryan:
"i so wish you weren't married to her, {pointing to me.} so when i grow up i could marry you!"

it's been a lovely thanksgiving weekend,
and is sure to only get better, as we have big plans with christmas decorations tomorrow!