for the last year or so i have been collecting dozens of these:

embroidery hoops!
and now that i've got a stack i figured i should put them to use.
i'm not exactly sure why i started collecting them.
but every time i found one that was a cool shape, or metal, or really tiny, i just couldn't help myself.
and i really love them. problem is, i don't know anything about embroidery.
so, naturally, i am just going to swing it.
for now they are hanging on my wall with nothing but fabric in them.
{and i even kind of love them like that.}
the plan is to methodically make my way through them, creating magnificent works of art out of needle & thread.
okay, so they probably won't be magnificent, but they will be lovely.
'cause i have so many sentimental ideas.
and 'cause they will be handmade.
and 'cause even if they are complete train wrecks,
i have every intention of loving each & every one of them.

*and perk: the large one completely hides our eyesore of a thermostat.