halloween, you're early. halloween, you're early.

halloween, you're early! okay, not technically. technically you're right on time. but you feel early 'cause i'm not ready fo...

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a corner worthy of a cup of tea. a corner worthy of a cup of tea.

guess how much this lamp cost us. go ahead, guess! you won't. you won't be able to. so i will tell you. this lovely shade was no mor...

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tractor love tractor love

needlepoint #2: this little number is a throwback to ryans dairy farming roots. and i guess some farming roots of my own. since both my mom ...

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as of late i am... as of late i am...

reading: right now the adventures of tom sawyer is on my bedside table & the four loves is in the bathroom. i'm reading both of th...

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i've got a mustache. {i really do.} i've got a mustache. {i really do.}

okay, to be honest, i thought this needlepoint thing would be easy-peesy. tonight i picked up my smallest hoop with every intention of havin...

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weekend hoops! weekend hoops!

for the last year or so i have been collecting dozens of these: embroidery hoops! and now that i've got a stack i figured i should put t...

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what's a girl to do? what's a girl to do?

my house is: dirty. my mood is: apathetic. my goal is: to clean. and organize. and finish about 1000 projects. my stumbling block is: (see m...

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our door has a face. our door has a face.

it's true. here's proof. (just in case you thought i made it up when i mentioned it here .) ryan thought two peep holes on our front...

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dear farmers market, if we get the chance, i would love to visit you again this weekend.

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side table facelift. side table facelift.

i love our new used side table/magazine rack in the living room. isn't it retro-y & fun? and functional to boot! just a couple bucks...

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butternut squash butternut squash

this weekend we visited a lovely farmers market in brigham city with these guys . we bought a lot of our favorite kinds of squash. {fresh pr...

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to my grandma! oom pah pah! to my grandma! oom pah pah!

i've begun writing my memoirs. premature? maybe! but, i figure the best time to start is now, when i can most clearly recollect dates &...

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to ryan, with love. to ryan, with love.
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birthday breakdown. birthday breakdown.

so here's how it all went down. 6:30 am. - breakfast in bed! there are just so few things in life that rank higher or better than spendi...

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birthdays around here. birthdays around here.

i married a really amazing guy, which makes me want to take extra good care of him on the anniversary of his birth. last year that special b...

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to: my honey to: my honey

in our bathroom we keep a cream planter full of all sorts of colored white-board markers. because this bathroom mirror is where we write mos...

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it's official - we've got food storage! it's official - we've got food storage!

aren't packages form home the absolute best? {around here they definitely are. they're one of the few perks of living far away from ...

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cemetery love. cemetery love.

ryan, i love you. and i love the cemetery. and i'm glad i got to enjoy you both yesterday. and even though our camera died, i'm happ...

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goodbye summer. i will miss you. goodbye summer. i will miss you.

i'm cold. and missing the warm sun, warm water, these beautiful places, and my beautiful sister. i guess it's time to really say goo...

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