remember this idea?

to test its' feasibility i began cleaning out the closet today.

and found two of the largest black spiders ever. both the size of a dollar coin.

{i will not post a picture, because i'm sure you'd be just as enthusiastic about seeing them as i was.}

they were crouched in the corner poised to strike. {do spiders strike?}

and by their size i just know they have been growing and festering there since we moved all our shoes and jackets in there 2 years ago.

i killed them both. with raid. lot's of raid 'cause i am never sure when it's enough. and i want to be sure they're good and dead. and i kind of want them to suffer. i feel like they deserve it.

so now a puddle of pest killer soils our old closet/potential office. and despite the open windows and blowing fan our house smells strongly of insect-killing toxins.

and every so often i feel a creepy crawly feeling on my arm, or leg, or back, and i am certain one of their friends has sneaked upon me to take his vengeance.

phew, lucky for me ryan walked in the door just in time to dispose of their carcasses.

because you never can tell when a spidey fakes his own death.