ryan & i have had these secrets printed on card-stock and posted on our bulletin board for the last couple of years.
i found them {a longer version} online somewhere.
i edited them to be short & sweet.
they just ring really true to me.

1. eat a balanced diet. (2 cups fruit, 21/2 cups veggies daily)
2. exercise daily. 
3. no alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine, and limited sugar. (watch chocolate)
4. drink lots of water.
5. take a daily vitamin.
6. brush & floss daily.
7. wear an spf daily.
8. 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
9. regular sex with your spouse.
10. keep the mind sharp, read daily. 
11. keep a busy schedule & socialize. (laugh multiple times a day)
12. meditate daily. (this includes scripture study & prayer for me)

but, if i were to prioritize them, i think the order would change a little.
meditation would be much closer to the top.

is this list missing any of your secrets to happiness?
do share!