our new office is now my favorite place in our house!
who would have thought that the space under the stairs could be so very useful?

{sorry, we didn't think to get a very good before picture.
just think coats all the way across, and lots of boxes on the floor.}

because the space was so small, we wanted to keep everything really white & bright.
lots of light-colored furniture and extra lighting did the trick!

all for just over $100.
our major purchases were:

table - FREE {simple coat of fresh white paint.}
drawer unit - $40 {ikea}
pair of wall mounted light fixtures - $20 {$10 each at ikea}
2 matching white wall ledges - $40 {$20 each at ikea}
3 storage baskets - $15 {i think they were $5 each at ikea}

and some of my absolute favorite parts of the room were practically free.

like the antique-y looking chair we picked up fro 5 bucks at d.i. can you believe it?
{we actually bought 2}

then i found these baby's for $.26 each at ikea, and simply marked each according to purpose. best part? the marker wipes off in case we ever need these to do a different job.

and then these twin bulletin boards previously collecting dust were a quick fix by adding some a fabric face-lift. much better, no? and by hanging them on the wall opposite our office door, they also serve to extend our small space as well. bringing office to hall & hall to office. {'cause let's face it, with an office measuring at about 15 sq. ft. we can use all the space we can get!}

it's also such a great way to save some of our favorite pics/invites from our friends & family {yes, this includes our own. :) }

i've got a super soft spot for anything that is both functional {check} & beautiful {double check.}
a quick diy clothesline out of some existing ribbon, and now she is home to all my notecards. all in one handy little spot. with ribbon stored below {in a storage basket} and wrapping paper in a what-used-to-be trash bin. my little gift-wrap corner.

never again will we underestimate the small space under the stairs!