tonight was ryan's turn at dinner.
he made the very same dish that turned my head when we were first dating.
this softened {somewhat} the blow of it snowing today.
which was devastating, because i adore autumn.
and because all day long i was freezing cold.
and because i could not work on our latest treasure {a writing desk} like i had planned.
but his dinner masterpiece filled our whole house with a warm, christmasy aroma.
and christmas, as we all know, is the only time when snow is acceptable.
so our evening was a cozy glimpse of the coming months,
and almost made me wish we were in the heart of winter.
if only for christmases sake.

he made:
cornish hens stuffed with rice
& sauteed asparagus

ryan loves {and i quote} how the rice gets crispy where it spills out of his bum.
not the most appetizing thought, but very delicious.
best. husband. ever.