saturday we woke up at my aunt's
and she surprised us both with berry birthday smoothies.

and french omelets, shaken not stirred.
{as illustrated below}

so yummy.

that night after driving home
we stayed at a lovely inn.

where ry had the prettiest roses waiting for me.

and he let me take a long bath with my favorite bath salts.
and while i soaked i read emma.
and he picked us up pineapple rice & curry.
from our favorite thai restaurant.

and the hotel soaps were so beautiful,
and smelled of sumptuous mint.

and we brought our favorite game.
which i had to win in order to open each one of my presents.
in reality i opened them all after winning the first game.
{we couldn't take the suspense.}

and now i am 28.
and don't feel nearly wise enough to qualify.