we went to salt lake city
to visit some of my absolute favorite places.
first, we got some of these tasty treats from here.

then we went shopping here.
and also spent a lot of time hanging out at this place.
{can you name this spot??}

where we took lots of pictures,
and discovered cool things like:

some kind of beautiful spiky greenery.

and a praying mantis trying to camouflage into the wall.

after all this excitement,
we ordered delicious burgers & shakes from here
{seriously yum!}
and enjoyed a beautiful sunset here.

while watching this and this
with my cousin brooklyn and her husband ned.
we had such fun guys!

cupcakes, burgers & drive-in's oh my!
made oh so much better with loved ones.
and that was just on friday!

{here we are illustrating just how tired we felt after
our double feature ended at nearly 2:30 am.}