sometimes i struggle to find my passion.
but more frequently i struggle to narrow down my passion.
because -you know- you can only open one at a time.

monday i fall back in love with interior design.
tuesday i rediscover cooking.
wednesday i delve into scholarly pursuits.
thursday i realize my life is incomplete until i write a book.
friday i recognize and release my inner artist.
saturday finds me in the garden.
sunday unearths the desire to teach, and mother, and create.
and then i remember everything else:
travel, discovery, invention, exploration.

except the list is much longer than days in a week.
longer even than days in a month, a year, a lifetime.
it's a growing register of ambition that's paralyzing with its enormity.

where does one begin? where do i even start?
and so i mull all of these ideas over in my head,
procrastinating any permanent decision,
because, you see, i'm uncertain.

i have no idea which will unfold as my life's pursuit.
maybe none,
maybe all.

for now i'll give them all another go round in my ever changing mind.
until i can see clear enough to pick just one.
and then i'll start there,
and keep going.

unless someone out there carries a key to such decisions.

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