We participated in our first garage sale today. And although it only took 5 hours of our day, I am not only sunburned, but completely exhaus...

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Basil is Delicious! Basil is Delicious!

picture taken from here Tonight was our first taste of the fresh basil we have been fondly growing in our garden. (ie: flower pot on our pat...

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a truly lovely wedding. with oh so many lovely details. and a very lovely bride! my cousin tiffany married her sweetheart jimmy in Edmonton,...

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I love this guy! I love this guy!

This is my new favorite picture! it was taken on mothers day. we were engaged in some serious finger painting. to be inspired by the myriad...

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We also enjoyed these things last week We also enjoyed these things last week

Hiking Bear Lake Sandy Beaches of Bear Lake Swimming! No, not really, just longing for the day! Exploration Baseball Game I love baseball ga...

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To Happiness To Happiness

photo borrowed from here. 1. cold sheets + warm husband. 2. drive-in movies & convertibles. best enjoyed simultaneously. 3. sisters ...

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Insomnia = exciting discovery Insomnia = exciting discovery

image borrowed from here . I couldn't sleep tonight. rather than lie awake in bed, I began to clean out our memory drawer. While organiz...

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does anyone else adore this sentiment? does anyone else adore this sentiment?

image borrowed from here. If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft, and from thy slender store Two loaves alone to thee are left, Sell one, ...

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Happy Mothers Day! Happy Mothers Day!

To: my mom Thank you. For a lot of things, but especially for reading to me. One of my earliest and fondest memories is reading with you. Re...

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graduation day graduation day

one week ago today was our graduation day! we walked over to the spectrum in the rain. sat happily for 1.5 hours at my ceremony. ran over t...

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last week was fun last week was fun

last week ryan's parents were here to visit. we did many fun things together. this time last week we were painting this guy. then we d...

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I feel domestic. I feel domestic.

because yesterday i baked fresh hot cross buns. (i really love hot cross buns) this was made easier with the bread maker we got from mom &am...

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guess who graduated . . . we did! saturday May 2, 2009 ryan - BS agricultural systems technology with a minor in business leah - BA speech c...

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Look at the lovely note that greeted us on our chalkboard this morning!

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