Notice how his little toes are flexed as though he is under intense stress. . . . How old do you think this little tyke is? He resembles an...

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Avery turned two and she invited me to her birthday party. Naturally she got lots of presents and was adorable the entire time. Her favorite...

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Avery Avery

Some of you may already know that Ryan and I share the two most adorable nieces, and the two most handsome nephews ever imaginable. Avery is...

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ryans wall of fame ryans wall of fame

every time i update our blog ryan gets a notification on his iphone, and his discovery of what was and was not news-worthy is highly anticip...

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three years down . . three years down . .

Three years down, eternity to go! At least that's what the accompanying note with my tulips said when Ryan had them delivered to me all...

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St. Patty's St. Patty's

Green plates, green spinach pasta, green broccoli , carrots with green ranch, and green cupcakes. Oh, and martinellis because clearly it co...

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for the birds for the birds

We have a vent in our bathroom. Sometimes while you are going to the bathroom or are in the shower a bird sits atop this vent on our roof. Y...

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That's what I love about Sundays! That's what I love about Sundays!

Sunday: Lovely dinner, walk in the cemetery, and boggle. Typical, but still a very lovely day! . Our first attempt at stuffed peppers. Yes...

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home sweet home home sweet home

225 times over a week, 32 times a day and almost 3 times an hour. . . . This is the number of times Ryan was thinking about me this past wee...

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Winter Picnic Winter Picnic

Friday night found Ryan and me yearning for grand adventure. So naturally we sought it out. First things first, we executed a quick Google s...

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